Mathematical Olympiads Discord Server (MODS) is a Discord Server founded in January 2019 to create a place where Mathematical Olympiad enthusiasts of all ages and aspirations could gather to learn and socialise with each other. It has since grown to over 2000 members from over 30 countries. The server's Staff and Helper Team work together to post a problem-of-the-day, host monthly contests, and organise other server activities.

MODS is part of International Science Olympiad Discord Network (ISODN), which aims to promote member flow, maintain active communication and share resources between member servers. The Network currently includes the Physics and Chemistry Olympiad servers, but will continue to expand as servers for other Olympiads come to prominence.

This website, kindly developed by shino, has been made possible by's open source Github,, and the financial support from our generous Patreons. If you have found the server useful, please consider donating via Patreon to help us continue to develop server tech and other server activities.
If you have a suggestion for this website or find a bug, please message Staff Mail on Discord, or submit a new issue on our Github.